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Google Tech Talk
November 10, 2011

Presented by Guy Podjarny


Mobile Web browsing is exploding and with it the importance of Mobile Web Performance. Studies show that Mobile users expect equal or better performance than desktop, where they demand 2s load times. This is a hard requirement to fulfill, give the limitations mobile imposes.

In this presentation, we'll go over the different aspects of mobile: network, hardware & software. We'll review the challenges each presents, understand how they affect web performance, and show ways to overcome those challenges. We'll also show the impact of these optimizations on real world sites, gleaned from manipulating and measuring websites using Blaze technology. We'll summarize with updates on the recent mobile OS releases, followed by Q&A.

Speaker Info:

Guy Podjarny (Guypo) is the CTO and co-founder of Blaze ( Guy is the creator of Mobitest (, a Mobile performance measurement tool, and a contributor to HTTP Archive Mobile and WebPageTest. Guy is also a researcher of mobile web performance optimizations, maintains the Blaze blog (, and a frequent presenter in security and performance events.

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