Surge 2011 ~ Building a cloud service on a cloud infrastructure. Also, cloud.

Posted in Cloud Computing, Databases, Conferences on February 22, 2012

SimpleGeo provides hosted services for location-aware applications, one of which is a cloud spatial database. One can make puns and jokes about "a cloud within a cloud" until blue in the face, but the reality of the matter is that accomplishing such a thing is a non-trivial technical endeavor. Designing for failure is a hard requirement by definition, which turns out to be a blessing in disguise.

The competitive features of our database include built-in scaling, high availability and data redundancy. Come hear how we are harnessing various open source software and cloud services to back up the promises made to our customers and allow them to store and query their data, big and small, without worrying about what's happening behind the scenes; we've built an infrastructure that has the cloud mentality of a flexible, reliable, and highly available service baked in at every layer and have stumbled on something completely unexpected at almost every step of the way.

The talk will include a high-level overview of our infrastructure, as well as brief deepdives into pieces more specific to our usecase (including bits we've built out ourselves). We'll be sure to include juicy war stories about handling the frequent failures guaranteed by running on AWS and kernel-level issues we've encountered while running on virtual instances.

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