Team Antipodes & FIRST Robotics: Lego League and Tech Challenge

Posted in Science, Companies, Conferences on April 16, 2012

Google Tech Talk (more info below)
September 13, 2011

Presented by FIRST Team Antipodes from Terra Nova High School in Pacifica, CA: Violet Replicon, Emma Filar, Kjersti Chippindale, Elizabeth Bowler.


The Return of Team Antipodes:
Team Antipodes met with Google Engineering last year to showcase their experiences within FIRST Lego League (FLL) afterschool robotics.

Since then, they've spent a semester abroad, winning the Tasmanian Championships in FLL and World Championships in Robocup Dance Theatre. They returned to try out the next level of FIRST robotics, FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), winning the Colorado State Championships, and competing in the FTC World Championships in St. Louis.

They're here to show you the opportunities they've experienced, their ideas for the future, see how well YOU drive their robot, show off their new teammate here on exchange from Tasmania, urge you to get involved mentoring other kids if you can, and demonstrate their perfected version of that pesky maglev train model.

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