Game On: 16 Design Patterns for User Engagement

Posted in Companies, Conferences on April 30, 2012

Google Tech Talk (more info below)
August 8, 2011

Presented by Nadya Direkova.


How do you drive up user engagement?
What game-like design patterns get your users to complete the sign-up, bring friends and come back?
This session will expose the design patterns of engagement and incentives, including relevant metrics.
You will leave with an arsenal of 16 design patterns to:
- design effective sign-up sessions and tutorials
- promote virality
- invite return visits
- apply game mechanics beyond points and bagdes.

SXSW tweets about the talk:
"... Most rewarding talk so far at sxsw." - spony
"... Killer presentation on game mechanic design patterns..." - jonloyens
"... She spoke like a human...which was a refreshing change #SXSW."- peternovosel

About the speaker:
Nadya Direkova is a Game Mechanic and Sr. UX Designer at Google.

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