Engineering Data Analysis (with R and ggplot2)

Posted in Science, Companies, Conferences on May 05, 2012

Google Tech Talk (more info below)
June 6, 2011

Presented by Hadley Wickham, Assistant Professor, Dobelman Family Junior Chair, Department of Statistics, Rice University.


Data analysis, the process of converting data into knowledge, insight and understanding, is a critical part of statistics, but there's surprisingly little research on it. In this talk I'll introduce some of my recent work, including a model of data analysis. I'm a passionate advocate of programming that data analysis should be carried out using a programming language, and I'll justify this by discussing some of the requirement of good data analysis (reproducibility, automation and communication). With these in mind, I'll introduce you to a powerful set of tools for better understanding data: the statistical programming language R, and the ggplot2 domain specific language (DSL) for visualisation.

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