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Google Tech Talk
May 25, 2011

Presented by: Kai Backman
Kai co-founded Tinkercad in September 2010 and has written a substantial part of the backend code. Before Tinkercad he worked for five years at Google as a systems and backend engineer.


Solid modeling is a stricter form of 3D editing where the geometric representation has to to conclusively determine what volume is inside the model. Tinkercad uses simple boolean operations to create a solid modeling interface accessible to a wide audience. The client renders a representation using WebGL and sends the editing operations to a cluster of servers. The processing of each request is aggressively parallelized to achieve a server side latency target of 400ms. The system consists of 5 types of production servers and 3 types of auxiliary servers. The application is written in Javascript, Go and C++.

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