The Essence of Caching - Ehcache

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Google Tech Talk
January 24, 2011

Presented by Greg Luck, Founder of Ehcache, Ehcache CTO of Terracotta.


In this talk we will start with a performance problem and lead you through solving it with caching, discovering along the way the problems of distributed caching and their solutions. This will equip you with the tools to analyze a performance situation and to see whether a cache will help and what type of cache to apply. Then we'll talk about Ehcache: New and Notable that walks us from standalone Ehcache which Java developers at Google are probably familiar with to the Distributed Ehcache with Terracotta and then to new features like Search, Write-Behind and Transactions.

Topics include:

- The nature of system load
- Desirable Properties of Scalable Systems
- Caching as a solution for off-load, scale out and performance
- Why caching works
- Tiered Cache Design
- SOR Coherency Problem and Solutions
- N * Problem and Solution
- Cache Cluster topologies
- Cache Coherency Problem and Solutions
- CAP and PACELC constraints

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