GTAC 2010: Twist, A Next Generation Functional Testing Tool for Building and Evolving Test Suites

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Google Test Automation Conference 2010
October 28-29, 2010

Twist, A Next Generation Functional Testing Tool for Building and Evolving Test Suites
by Vivek Prahlad, ThoughtWorks


Over the years, IDEs like IntelliJ and Eclipse have proved to be invaluable while working with large, complex code bases. However, tools that help testers work with large, complex test suites have been few and far between.

Twist is an attempt at addressing this imbalance. Twist is a powerful testing IDE that makes it possible to build, evolve and execute functional tests. By allowing tests to be written in a form that is close to the domain of the application under test, it allows domain experts / business analysts to collaborate in building functional tests along with the rest of the development team.

Twist allows test suites to be viewed as as a coherent entity, and hence allows them to move beyond just automating individual tests. As the application under test evolves, Twist makes it possible to quickly make changes to the test suite. Apart from facilitating rapid automation, Twist also supports manual testing and automation assisted exploration.

Speaker Bio:

Vivek Prahlad is a Technical Lead at ThoughtWorks Studios, where he helps build Twist, a next generation Functional Testing tool. He has been with ThoughtWorks for the past 7 years. During his career, Vivek has been a Technical Lead, Agile Coach and Project Manager. Vivek is also the author of Frankenstein, an open source testing tool for Swing applications. Back in his college days, he cofounded, which went on to become one of India's most well known online music communities. He's also an avid bass player, and occasionally performs with the ThoughtWorks India band.

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