GTAC 2010: Closing Remarks

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Google Test Automation Conference 2010
October 28-29, 2010

Closing Remarks by Sujay Sahni.

Sujay Sahni joined Google in 2007 as the APAC Region's Director for Engineering Productivity and is based out of Hyderabad. While he is responsible for our APAC regional teams most of his engagement is with the India Engineering centers (Hyderabad and Bangalore) which own and contribution to numerous strategic projects (locally and globally) in various engineering roles including Test Engineering, Developer Tools and Infrastructure Development.

Sujay's career spans over 17 years in the global software industry developing numerous paradigm shifting software products at companies like Tektronix, Microsoft and now Google. He started his career as a software developer building data acquisition software at Tektronix, from where he joined Microsoft and spend over 14 years working at the Microsoft's corporate R&D headquarters in Redmond, WA. While at Microsoft Sujay was among the top leadership responsible for conception and delivery of products like Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Windows, .Net Platform, MSN.COM and Office. Apart from product releases Sujay established teams and mentored engineering staff at various levels. Sujay also holds various patents and publications in his field.

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