Development of Large-Scale Grammars Through Corpus Construction (Japanese Audio)

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Google Tech Talk
14:00- JST Oct 27 2010
At Google Japan (Japanese Audio)

Speaker : Yusuke Miyao (宮尾祐介)
Bio :
Affiliation : National Institute of Informatics (国立情報学研究所)

Language : spoken in Japanese and slides in English

Title : Development of large-scale grammars through corpus construction

Abstract :
A crucial bottleneck of grammar-based deep parsing is the difficulty
of the development of large-scale grammars that can analyze real-world
sentences. In our approach, the final goal of grammar development is
the construction of a treebank (parsed corpus) that conforms to a
grammar theory. Given an existing corpus (e.g. Penn Treebank) and a
grammar theory, we can construct a treebank at low cost. Since a
large-scale lexicon can be extracted automatically from the treebank,
a large-scale grammar can be developed in a short period. In this
talk, I overview our method of corpus-based grammar development, in
comparison with manual grammar development and grammar learning.

Japanese title : コーパス構築に基づく大規模文法開発

Japanese abstract :
構築と考える.既存のコーパス(Penn Treebank など)と文法理論を利用すると,

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