Quantum Mechanics of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Machinery (Google Workshop on Quantum Biology)

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Google Workshop on Quantum Biology
Quantum Mechanics of Photosynthetic Light Harvesting Machinery
Presented by Mohan Sarovar
October 22, 2010


After a brief discussion about the conditions required for quantum effects to be relevant in biological systems, I will focus on recent advances in our knowledge about the quantum nature of the primary processes in photosynthesis. I will review some of the experimental results and theoretical predictions regarding quantum aspects of the sophisticated molecular machinery behind photosynthesis, including coherent energy transfer and robust quantum entanglement. To conclude I will present a new direction of research that aims to harness the quantum properties of pigment-protein structures to create tunable and versatile light sensors and photovoltaic devices.

About the speaker: http://www.cchem.berkeley.edu/kbwgrp/mohan/Site/Welcome.html

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