Starcraft 2: For the Swarm

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Google Tech Talk
September 10, 2010


Presented by Alex Do and Taylor Parsons.

Hear HDStarcraft (one of the top Starcraft commentators) and Painuser (a top-level Terran player) speak on the development of e-sports with the coming of Starcraft 2, Starcraft 2 strategy, high-level play and commentary, and... well... more Starcraft 2.

In addition discussing Starcraft and e-sports, they will providing live commentary on the finals match of the Google Starcraft 2 tournament. Come and see what all the fuss is about, and witness the battle prowess of your fellow Googlers!

Alex "HDStarcraft" Do is one of the foremost Starcraft 2 commentators, amassing over 57 million views on his YouTube channel (, as well as hosting the highly featured HDH Invitational tournament during the beta.

Taylor "Painuser" Parsons is a Diamond-level Terran player (, currently one of the top Terran players in North America, with a 70% win ratio. He has also been featured in PC Gamer, as well as several high-profile tournaments, including the HDH Invitational.

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