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Google Tech Talk
August 25, 2010


Presented by Aragon Burlingham and Dina Moskowitz.

There is a crisis occurring in Science and Math education on both a state and national level. In 2009, only 30% of California students scored at the proficient range or higher on state Algebra tests. California is the 8th largest economy in the world, with Silicon Valley the nation's epicenter of science and technology, yet our middle school students rank 45th in math and almost last in science understanding in the nation.

This talk, by the We Teach Science Foundation, will outline the foundation's plan to combat this serious problem--the Remote Tutoring and Mentoring Program (RTM). In one hour per week, professionals from the STEM fields are providing a gift of mentorship to public school students, without even leaving their desks. Come find out what it's all about!

History of the Organization
In 2008, Aragon Burlingham left the field of engineering to focus on his life-long passion of enhancing the math and science learning experiences of children. After a stint of volunteering in a Pacifica, CA public school, he recognized the students' need for personalized attention. He sought to develop a one-on-one mentorship program using STEM professionals as volunteers. Originally, the program was face-to-face; a more traditional mentoring program. However, with the time constraints placed upon professionals, he realized the best way to connect students and mentors was online. Thus, the remote mentoring and tutoring program was born! The program is entering its second pilot this fall with 100 students and 50+ mentors.

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