MariaDB, the Backward Compatible Branch of MySQL(R) Database Server

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Google Tech Talk
April 19, 2010


Presented by Monty Widenius.

MariaDB is a community developed, backward compatible, drop-in replacement branch of the MySQL(R) Database Server. What is MariaDB all about, and what is its future?

What can you do with new features added in the first GA release of MariaDB 5.1, such as additional Storage Engines (Maria, PBXT, XtraDB, FederatedX), faster complex queries, pools of threads, speed improvements, extensions (more index parts, new startup options, etc.), table elimination, slow query log extended statistics, and more?

Monty Widenius is the founder of MySQL(R) AB, and the original author & architect of MySQL(R) Database Server. Monty has founded Monty Program Ab and hired many of the top core developers of the database to create MariaDB, a backward compatible, drop-in replacement branch of MySQL(R) Database Server, in collaboration with the community.

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