Entrepreneurial Learning 2.0 Navigating the Coming Disruption in How We Learn To Innovate

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Google Tech Talk
December 15, 2010


Presented by Dr. Alex Bruton.

Imagine graduating from college or university today. Sure, youd have free access to useful information like no generation before yours has ever had, and all the tools you could dream of for producing and sharing information as readily as it can be consumed. No, you may never need to pay for a long distance call, a travel agent, an encyclopedia or a web developer. And yes, before too long the businesses you start would be able to house and scale all of their data and software in the cloud, at next to no cost.
But as enabling as all this might be, it wouldnt guarantee your success (or the success of the companies at which you would work) and could even be a disadvantage if you (or your bosses) have grown up learning in a traditional education system. Whole industries from music to journalism to education are being disrupted by the very forces that make these advances possible. The facts seem to indicate that the top 10 jobs to be in demand in 2010 didnt even exist in 2004 and that that people graduating this year could have up to 14 jobs before they turn 39. And its becoming clear that different ways of thinking are needed now than even 10 years ago in order to be creative and efficient enough to turn the flow of information into knowledge that can create sustained value in our society, businesses and economy.
The solution to these challenges is one part toolset and large part mindset, and enabling people as they rise to the occasion is perhaps the biggest challenge facing educators and businesses alike.
This talk will take a practical look at the concepts of creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship using examples like the iPod, Swoopo and the Chevy Volt. It will discuss the limitations of traditional ways of learning to create value, and how those can be overcome to support a shift from learning about entrepreneurship to learning for entrepreneurship in order to be more innovative. It will consider the importance of the so-called T-Shaped individual, the innovative new venture idea, and knowing ones role in an entrepreneurial ecosystem. And it will give examples of how our team is working to create the ideal training ground and launch pad for innovative idea makers, including a new multi-disciplinary learning environment, an open textbook initiative and a design thinking approach to new venture conception known as the Venture Design Studio.

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