Go Behave! A BDD Framework for the Go Programming Language

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Google Tech Talk
January 19, 2010


Presented by Samuel Tesla.

Gospecify is a behavior-driven development (BDD) framework for Go. Rather than focus on testing every nook and cranny of some code, it helps a programmer produce an executable specification of that code's behavior. Go's syntax allowed gospecify to be almost as expressive as Ruby's rpsec; however, a few tricks had to be used to achieve the best readability. This talk will introduce BDD concepts and demonstrate how to implement them in Go using gospecify.

Samuel Tesla has had a computer at his fingertips his entire life. He started coding at age six as a maintenance programmer: tweaking a BASIC program his father wrote. Since then, he has always had a passion for telling computers what to do, and especially for programming languages. From niche languages like LaTeX and Inform to general purpose languages like C and Perl; static languages like OCaml and Java to dynamic languages like Smalltalk and Lisp; he loves to learn different ways to program. Currently he works for Engine Yard slinging Ruby at the cloud. In his spare time he likes to code, play guitar, and write fiction.

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