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Google Tech Talk
December 1, 2009


Presented by Peter Struijf.

Peter Struijf is the designer and publisher of the innovative 4-player boardgame Krakow 1325 AD (2008). The game has two highly novel elements. Firstly, the "game engine" is a trick-taking card game (using special cards). Secondly, each player is a member of a two-player team, but has a secret Identity and plays to become the sole winner through a second scoring mechanism. The game has sold over 1,200 copies to date and was awarded for the main Boardgame Award in the Netherlands.

Peter will give a 30-minute presentation about his three-year long creative journey, covering the inspiration for and origins of the game, its test and development process, and how the artwork and "story" of the boardgame were merged into one single product. There will be space for questions and discussion afterwards.

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