GDC 2012: Best practices in developing a web game

Posted in Companies, Development, Conferences on July 25, 2012

(Pre-recorded GDC content)

There's a new wave of console/pc/mobile game developers moving to the web looking to take advantage of the massive user base, along side of the powerful social graphs available there. The web as a platform is a very different technology stack than consoles / mobile, and as such, requires different development processes. This talk is targeted towards game developers who are looking to understand more about the development processes for web development including where to host your assets, proper techniques in caching to the persistant file store; dealing with sessions, storing user state, user login, game state storage, social graph integration, localization, audio, rendering, hardware detection and testing / distribution. If you're interested in developing a web game, you need to attend this talk!

Speaker: Colt McAnlis

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