Google I/O 2012 - Jank Busters: Building Performant Web Apps

Posted in Graphics, Companies, Conferences, Development on August 07, 2012

Nat Duca, Tom Wiltzius

Building high-performance web apps is hard! When animations hitch, mouse hover effects lag, or page scrolls stutter, we call it jank. This talk is about hunting jank down and exterminating it.

Sources of jank in web apps include garbage collector runs, long image decodes, heavy paint times for DOM elements, JavaScript-heavy input handlers, unexpected WebKit layer invalidations, and more -- all getting in the way of the 60FPS every modern app developer should aim for. In this talk we'll go through a few techniques to ensure your web app has smooth animations, transitions, and scrolling. We'll cover ways to use Chrome's Developer Tools to root out jank, as well as more advanced Chrome graphics profiling tools the intrepid can use to dig into what's going on behind the scenes. We'll even peek gingerly under the covers of WebKit to explain why that pesky hitch occurs in the first place.

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