Cassandra NYC 2011: Robin Schumacher - Cassandra: The Foundation of Today's Enterprise Data Stack

Posted in Databases, Frameworks, Development on August 31, 2012

Robin Schumacher - Cassandra: The Foundation of Today's Enterprise Data Stack

Robin Schumacher is Vice President of Products for DataStax. Robin has over 20 years experience working with databases and Big Data, was the database software reviewer for several IT magazines, and has authored three database performance books. Prior to joining DataStax, Robin started and led the product management teams at MySQL, EnterpriseDB, and Embarcadero Technologies.

DataStax, the commercial leader in Apache Cassandra™, along with the NYC Cassandra User Group, NoSQL NYC, and Big Data NYC joined together to present the first Cassandra New York City conference on December 6, 2011.

DataStax offers products and services based on the popular open-source database, Apache Cassandra™ that solve today's most challenging big data problems. DataStax Enterprise (DSE) combines the performance of Cassandra with analytics powered by Apache Hadoop™, creating a smartly integrated, data-centric platform. With DSE, real-time and analytic workloads never conflict, giving you maximum performance with the added benefit of only managing a single database. The company has over 100 customers, including leaders such as Netflix, Cisco, Rackspace and Constant Contact, and spanning verticals including web, financial services, telecommunications, logistics and government. DataStax is backed by industry leading investors, including Lightspeed Venture Partners and Crosslink Capital and is based in San Mateo, CA.

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