C* 2012: End-to-End Analytic Workflows with Cassandra (Jeremy Hanna, DataStax)

Posted in Databases, Frameworks, Development, Conferences on September 01, 2012

Session: End-to-end Analytic Workflows With Cassandra
Speaker: Jeremy Hanna (DataStax)
Description: As more data is stored in Cassandra, performing batch oriented analytics over that data becomes increasingly valuable. Users may want to perform data validation, discover trends, evolve their Cassandra data model, or just generally explore their data. This presentation will be an overview of how to use tools such as Pig, Mahout and Oozie with Cassandra to create non-trivial analytic workflows. It will draw on experience and lessons learned building end-to-end analytic workflows in a production environment at The Dachis Group.

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