SkyLib: A Global, User-based Library for Everything

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Google Tech Talk
December 13, 2012
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Presented by Geir Engdahl.


There's a ton of under-utilized stuff collecting dust in closets and garages around the world. How can we make it searchable, accessible and useful?

Xoogler and CEO of SkyLib Geir Engdahl will tell the story of what motivated him to found SkyLib and how he's using Google technologies such as App Engine, Android and Maps to "index" the world's stuff. The talk outlines the "big picture" around today's resource usage, and suggests how resources can be utilized more effectively. It also dives into the details of using Google's technologies "from the outside".

Geir has a master's degree in applied math, and has worked three years for Google Canada on the Conversion Optimizer product, which he received an OC Award for. In his spare time, he organizes the Norwegian Informatics Olympiad and is the leader of the local Green Party chapter. His ambition is to work for a smarter, greener future.

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